Altun Clips 
has manufactured assembling, connecting, clipping and fastening clips. We have manufactured Mattress clips, C Rİng-clips and Pneumatic Clipping Tools. Intended for Furniture and Mattress Sector, Automotive Sector, Packaging Sector,Fence Wire Sector and Razor Wire Sector. Our products have provided quality, domestic production and competitive price opportunities to the sector by using materials which have TSE and CE certificates and manufactured the following products and done marketing these products and made sales them.
          Furniture Clips                      Mattress Clips
          Spring Clips                           C Ring -Clips
          Fence Wire Clips                  Hog-Rings
          Razor Wire Clips                  Proclinch Clips
          Gabion Wire Clips                Pneumatic Clipping Tools


This is the first in Turkey

This is the first in Turkey: We have manufactured clips and C-clips in Turkey for the first time. We have taken pride of breaking new ground in Turkey.
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Altun clips has manufactured assembling, connecting, clipping and fastening clips.We have manufactured Mattress Clips, Hog Rings and Pneumatic Clipping Tools.
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Address:  Girne Blv. No:199 Yüreğir ADANA TÜRKİYE

Phone   : +90 322 321 56 16

Mail       :
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